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Day Tour To Abu Simbel From Aswan

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Discover Aswan in One Amazing Day with Travel Joy Egypt Tours

Immerse yourself in Aswan’s Nubian heritage with our affordable one day tours. Choose from a wide selection of Aswan and Nubia trips to experience the highlights in a single memorable day.


Sail to the spectacular Philae Temple, an awe-inspiring Ancient Egyptian site located on an island in the Nile River. Marvel at this perfectly preserved temple complex dedicated to Isis. Enjoy a short ride by coach to the Unfinished Obelisk, a massive stone structure left in its original position revealing intriguing details of obelisk-making. Then it is time for lunch at a cozy Nubian village restaurant where you can interact with friendly locals.


Watch the mesmerising sun hover over the Aswan High Dam in the afternoon before returning to the village to observe daily life. All transportation and internal transfers, healthy meals, entrance fees and expert guide services are taken care of. You can relax knowing all logistics are seamlessly arranged so you maximise fun without hassles. Trust Travel Joy Egypt to show you Aswan’s appeal through carefully crafted engaging experiences at affordable prices.

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