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Bahariya Oasis 2 Days 1 Night Camping

Experience Egypt's stunning desertscapes on this magical 2-day tour....

Bahariya Oasis 3 Days 2 Nights Camping

Experience Egypt's Western Desert beauty - This three-day tour...

Discover Egypt’s deserts in comfort with Travel Joy Egypt’s luxurious desert safari and camping tours. We offer a range of fully customizable safari package deals for making the most of your Egyptian oasis escape. Browse our selection below to plan a memorable desert camping. Whether you’d like to experience the mystical dunes of the Bahariya Oasis or explore the remote Western Desert, we have the perfect tour packages for you.

The golden sands of Egypt’s Eastern and Western deserts preserve a little visited world full of stories. Options include touring the verdant palmeraies and striking landscapes of the Bahariya Oasis or conquering the shifting dunes and vast plains of the Western Desert. Interact with Berber tribespeople keeping ancient traditions alive in remote settlements. Luxury camping gives a richly memorable introduction to the natural wonders, local cultures and peace found far from city lights. Contact our desert experts today to arrange the perfect escape.

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