Port Said Shore Excursions

Day Tour to Cairo & Pyramids from Port Said

Escape your cruise for a day to visit the...

Day Tour to Giza Pyramids & Sakkara from Port Said

From Port Said, Visit the archeological sites holding the...

Cairo Overnight 2 Days Trip from Port Said

Spend two days exploring iconic sites in Cairo from...

Cairo – Alexandria 2 Days Tour from Port Said

Explore pyramids, Sphinx and museums in Cairo, then ancient...

Day Tour to the Pyramids & the Nile from Port Said

Discover Pyramids and Sphinx, then lunch on a Nile...

Discovering Egypt's Coastal Treasures

Egypt has a long coastline along the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea, offering incredible opportunities for cruise passengers to explore on shore excursions. From ancient ruins and city attractions to natural wonders, there are many memorable ways to spend your time when the ship docks.

Professional local guides lead customized tours for cruise guests. You can choose between half or full-day itineraries based on your schedule and interests. Guides share their extensive knowledge of Egypt’s history, culture and environment to give you a richer experience.

Some popular options include visiting historic sites in coastal cities. Admire architectural and archaeological sights that trace back thousands of years. Get out into nature through activities like reef snorkeling or desert safaris. Learn about Egypt’s landscape and wildlife through interactive tours.

All tours are designed for ease and convenience. Complimentary refreshments are provided and transportation is included between destinations. You won’t have to worry about arranging details on your own.

Taking a shore excursion is the best way to make the most of your limited time in port. See authentic places off the main tourist trails that you can’t experience anywhere else. Interacting with local specialists also gives you insights into contemporary Egyptian life.

Whether your interests are culture, adventure or relaxation, there is a suitable option. Choose how intimately you want to discover more about Egypt’s diverse coastline and people during your cruise visit. It’s a great opportunity to extend your adventure beyond the ship.

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